Ready to Free Your Voice?

People want to hear your voice. They want to see you express yourself unapologetically. Yet so many of us hold back from expressing our true selves because of fear, trauma, or insecurities.

Are you ready to heal your Voice Wound, let your voice be heard in the world, and unapologetically THRIVE ?

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Free Your Voice Collective

A Monthly Membership with regular content and group sessions to help heal your Voice Wounds. Learn how to prioritize your self care and healing as you connect with your inner voice. 

Free Your Voice Sessions

One-on-one sessions focused on healing the Voice Wound.
*Free Your Voice sessions include Reiki (energy healing) and physical voice work. 
*FYV Akashic sessions help identify and empower you to heal your Soul Voice Wounds.

3-Month Journey to Free Your Voice

An immersive 1:1 program for those motivated to heal the Voice Wound. Includes Free Your Voice sessions and Akashic Sessions, ongoing support, and membership in the Collective.

What is the Voice Wound?

It is the wound that affects your ability to speak your truth, share your art or gifts with the world, or show up as your full authentic self. 

It is often caused or exacerbated by abuse in childhood, negative experiences related to your voice or self expression, or negative comments from others about your voice.

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What are the symptoms of the Voice Wound?

* You have difficulty communicating or saying what you mean.
* You feel resistance to public speaking, live videos on social media, or being in the spotlight.
* You overcompensate by talking too high, low, or in an unhealthy manner.
* You know you have something special to bring to the world, but have trouble communicating it to people who want to pay you.


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