Free Your Voice Collective

You desire to be authentically you, but you're tired, stressed, and struggle to express yourself. 

Find support rooted in spirituality and nature's cycles, with practical tools to help you ground your self expression in deep practices that support your well-being!


Heal Your Voice Wound

What is the Voice Wound?

The Voice Wound is the place where your pain suppresses your voice, meaning it holds you back from speaking your truth, sharing your mission, connecting with clients, or sharing your art with the world.

I know how challenging it is to prioritize your well-being when you're overwhelmed. You have things to do, goals to meet, family to take care of, money to make...and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Sometimes you feel in the zone, and other times it feels like you're walking through mud just to take care of the essentials. 

You have dreams of doing more in the world. You have a flicker of passion in your heart to do something bigger, to communicate more deeply with others, but it's scary to let it free. You're afraid it will consume you.

Let me tell you a already have the Divinity within you to hold all that and embody it. All it takes is connecting to it! 

This membership is designed for YOU:

*To help you connect to that inner Self, Spirit, and the love, joy, and power within you

*To help you find your inner voice and set it free

* To find support from people on the same journey. 

This membership is for you to find FREEDOM!!


Spirituality is at the center of the Free Your Voice Collective: reconnect with the divine, your core Self, and your inner voice. Be supported as you embody your most authentic self.

Cycle of Well-being

Tap into the support nature and the universe provides us using the Cycle of Well-being. Learn to connect to the energy of the stage you're in right now and receive what you need.


With the support of spiritual connection and practical tools, learn how to support habit change and how to outwardly embody who you you already are within.

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